400g Energizer Rechargeable Charger GEB241 TM30 Black

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Leica
Certification ISO
Model Number GKL241
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Pieces
Price 40USD~50USD
Packaging Details Box and Carton
Delivery Time 3-5 work day
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 500pcs per month
Product Details
Model GKL241 Color Black
Batteries Leica GEB241 GEB242 Weight 400g
Type Electric Warranty 1 Year
Certificate CE Condition New
Charger Adapter US/EU/UK/AU/PLUG Adapter For Total Station TS30 TM30
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GEB energizer rechargeable charger


400g energizer rechargeable charger



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Product Description

GKL241 Charger for Leica Battery GEB241 GEB242 for TS30 TM30 Total Station


Model: GKL241


How to Charge Battery


Initial Charging: When you first get your battery you should charge it until your charger or device indicates that it is fully charged. If your device/charger does not indicate whether or not it is fully charged, then check your device/charger manual for charging times. It can take 1-12 hours to fully charge depending on the chemistry of your battery and the type of device and charger. After that it is good to charge it as needed while making sure you do not leave it at a low charge level for long periods. Also, please keep in mind that it can take 2-4 initial full charges/discharges before a new battery begins to provide maximum performance/runtime.


Recharging: Your battery was designed to be charged regularly and should NOT be left at a low charge level for long periods. You should charge it as often as needed to prevent the charge level from getting much below 15% of full.


Charging During Storage: During storage your rechargeable battery will trickle discharge naturally (or slowly lose its current charge). Long storage periods can permanently diminish the overall life of the battery especially when the battery is left at a low charge level for too long. If you will be storing your battery for a long period of time, be sure NOT to store it at a low charge level. Bring the charge level up to full before storage and then top off the charge level as needed during storage (to prevent it from sitting too long at low charge). It is highly recommended, even during storage, that you charge the battery regularly to prevent the possibility of the battery sitting at low charge for too long (sitting at low charge for too long will cause deep discharge which can permanently damage the cells and render the battery useless). Damage from deep discharge is NOT a defect and therefore it is not covered by warranty.


For rechargeable lithium batteries in storage (including lithium ion and lithium polymer), a full recharge might be needed every 3-6 months. For rechargeable nickel batteries in storage (NICD and NIMH), a full recharge might be needed every 1-2 months. Nickel batteries trickle discharge in storage faster than lithium batteries.

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