BDC46 Total Station Batteries 23mm Li Ion Rechargeable Battery

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sokkia
Certification ISO CE
Model Number BDC46C
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Pieces
Price 20USD~25USD
Packaging Details Box and Carton
Delivery Time 3-5 work day
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1000 pieces per month
Product Details
Voltage 7.2V Size 74*41*23mm
Weight 106G Capacity 2600mAh
Color Black Charger CDC68
Cell Type Ni-Mh Condition New
High Light

BDC46 Total Station Batteries


23mm Total Station Batteries


23mm li ion rechargeable battery

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Product Description

Sokkia BDC46 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery for Sokkia CX and SET Total Station


Model: BDC46C



Voltage 7.2V
Size 74*41*23mm
Weight 106g
Type Ni-Mh
Capacity 2600mAh
Package Individual Box Package
Warranty 1 Year
Charger CDC68
Temperature 10~40 °C
Used For Sokkia CX and SET Total Station


Compatible with Sokkia Models:

  • Sokkia CX 52, Sokkia CX 55
  • Sokkia CX 65
  • Sokkia SET 500, Sokkia SET 600
  • Sokkia SET 210, Sokkia SET 310, Sokkia SET 510, Sokkia SET 610
  • Sokkia SET 210K, Sokkia SET 310K, Sokkia SET 510K, Sokkia SET 610K
  • Sokkia SET 330R, Sokkia SET 530R, Sokkia SET 630R
  • Sokkia SET 230R3, Sokkia SET 330R3, Sokkia SET 530R3
  • Sokkia SET 330RK, Sokkia SET 530RK, Sokkia SET 630RK
  • Sokkia SET 230RK3, Sokkia SET 330RK3, Sokkia SET 530RK3
  • Sokkia SET 250RX, Sokkia SET 350RX, Sokkia SET 550RX, Sokkia SET 650RX
  • Sokkia SET 250R, Sokkia SET 350R, Sokkia SET 550R, Sokkia SET 650R
  • Sokkia NET1200

Key Features:

Sokkia BDC46 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries are designed for long lasting use on the go. Lightweight and durable construction makes transportation easy.

· Type: Li-ion

· Output Voltage: 7.2V

· Capacity: 2600mAh

· Dimensions: 74*41*23mm

· Weight: 106g

· Color: Black

· Alias: Sokkia BDC46, Sokkia BDC46A, Sokkia BDC46B, Sokkia BDC46C


Charging temperature

The charging temperature (ambient temperature) has a significant impact on the life of the batteries. Charging at high temperature can cause loss of capacity. These losses in capacity are irreversible. Even with several charging and discharging cycles, the original capacity can no longer be obtained. For optimal charging, we recommend that the batteries be charged at ambient temperatures as low as possible (+10 °C to +20 °C / +50 °F to +68 °F). The permitted temperature range in which charging can still be performed is between 0 °C and +35 °C (+32 °F and +95 °F). .


Useful capacity

The temperature has a particularly significant effect on the useful capacity of a battery. In accordance with the operating range for the surveying instruments, the batteries can be operated from –20 °C to +55 °C (–4 °F to +131 °F). With reducing temperature the useful capacity drops rapidly. Continuous use in the upper temperature range (> +45 °C / +131 °F) shortens the life of the battery.



The batteries can be stored at –40 °C to +55 °C (–40 °F to +131 °F). Do not store batteries inside the surveying instrument. After storage, charge the battery fully before use. NiCd NiCd batteries can be stored for an unlimited period in any state of charge. NiMH NiMH batteries must always be stored fully charged and recharged after 180 days at the latest. High temperatures and high atmospheric humidity accelerate self-discharging. We recommend storage in the range from 0 °C to +20 °C (+32 °F to +68 °F) in a dry environment. If NiMH batteries are stored in the discharged state for an extended period irreversible damage can be caused. Li-Ion Li-Ion batteries start to deteriorate from manufacture. To reduce the aging effect, store the battery in a cool place at 10%–50% state-of-charge. Li-Ion batteries do not require regular charging while in storage.


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